About US

Mercury Telecoms Co., Limited (the Company), incorporated in Thailand on the 9 th June 2009, is a Type-3 licensed Managed Telecommunications Service Provider (MSP) with wide range of Telecom Services in its portfolio.

The company has a very strong business plan to grow in this region. The potential growth is driven from the current market situation and amount of bandwidth that is transiting Malaysia to get into two major data centers in Singapore namely Equinix and Global Switch, making this network segment (Southern Malaysia to Singapore DCs) an extremely important piece in the Data communication industry in South East Asia.

Mercury Telecoms offers high-speed data services from Malaysia and Thailand to these data centers in Singapore at a very competitive price with quick services activation & proactive support. Customer are always looking to work with a one-stop solution provider who can ensure end to end service delivery within shortest possible time, single billing account and single SLA with a very competitive price. Mercury Telecoms is a One Stop Center for fully managed connectivity solutions.

Mercury Telecoms provides an overlay network working with the best telecom infrastructure owners in the region to ensure:

  1. Fastest service delivery
  2. Quickest service activation
  3. Top class SLA up-to 100% uptime
  4. Cost effective solution
  5. Proactive monitoring and alert system
  6. Quick trouble resolution
  7. To achieve the above, Mercury Telecoms use Smart & Intelligent Networking Equipment at both sides of the network to deliver end-to-end seamless data connectivity to its customers.
The strongest strength the company has is its team with wide range of regional networking, contacts and relationship with almost all the large Telecom companies, Technical expertise of operating large networks and experience in the Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore Data communication markets.

Mission Statement

Delivering business intelligence and data analytics solution through a single point management of connectivity services on automated office architecture platform that is ready for artificial intelligence integration.

Vision Statement

Simplifying complex information and communication technology solutions to suit your business needs.