The Companies fully managed Ethernet Multipoint Leased Line (e-LAN) i.e. A Multi-Point to Multi-Point Network Solution (e-LAN or "Ethernet Shared Lines") is a service that emulates the LAN in a larger geographical footprint (WAN). Customers can now link multiple offices and personnel throughout Malaysia in a simple LAN environment, which is easy to manage by, own IT personnel. Create multiple VLANs for network management purposes.

Ethernet LAN Services are similar to legacy Transparent LAN services. Now standardized by the MEF as Ethernet LAN or "E-LAN" services provide any to any LAN-to-LAN metro Ethernet connectivity over shared network resources. E-LAN has the same standard Ethernet interfaces and scalability as E-Line and can be configured to allow enterprise customers to subscribe to and self-adjust guaranteed committed information rates (CIR) and committed burst sizes (CBS). Peak information rates (PIRs), and peak burst sizes (PBS) allow customers to burst at negotiated levels beyond the CIR/CBS (up to the physical port speed). Performance-related service-level agreements (SLAs) such as network availability, roundtrip latency, and packet loss can also be offered.

E-LAN services provide Ethernet based multipoint-to-multipoint communication over IP/MPLS networks. It allows geographically dispersed sites to share an Ethernet broadcast domain by connecting sites through pseudo wires. It is used to create Virtual Private LAN Services, Multipoint Layer 2 VPNs, Transparent LAN Services and serves as the foundation for IPTV and Multicast networks.

Services Created Over E-LAN

  • Multipoint Layer2 VPNs
  • Transparent LAN services
  • Multicast networks