Geographically distributed enterprises must continually identify new ways to gain efficiencies across business operations and IT remains a strategic area of investment. Enterprises increasingly view the cloud and WAN as critical to connecting users to applications, whether they reside in the data centre, the cloud or somewhere else. As application migration from the corporate data centre to the cloud continues to accelerate, it's driving the need to re-evaluate WAN requirements, including broadband connectivity to connect users directly from any location to the cloud.

Broadband connectivity is redefining the economics of networking, offering a compelling value proposition to enterprises seeking to reduce the costs associated with legacy MPLS-based networks. This makes an SD-WAN an attractive area of investment given the ability to dramatically lower costs, while improving business productivity and agility.

An SD-WAN solution must have the ability to deliver predictable application performance and quality of service across the WAN regardless of the state of the underlying transport. The solution must offer the visibility to see, control and segment all applications running across the WAN in compliance with SLAs and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Finally, the solution must be extensible and work seamlessly with infrastructure already in place so that it can be proven and implemented at a comfortable pace for the organization. With a range of SD-WAN solutions available, some consisting of multiple components that are complex to deploy and manage and others consisting of point products that sell future capabilities or only address basic connectivity challenges enterprises must thoroughly evaluate the merits of each solution before making a purchase decision.

For any IT organisation, application availability, resiliency and performance is critical to the success of the business. With enterprises embracing cloud initiatives and accelerating the migration of applications to the cloud, they must re-evaluate WAN connectivity to assure compliance with SLAs and business intent.

IT needs to recommend high perform SD-WAN solutions that provide the flexibility and control required to align WAN resources with business mandates, while reducing connectivity and equipment costs by up to 90%.

Mercury's SD-WAN solution provides enterprise with secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect users to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of underlying transport technologies, from MPLS to business and consumer broadband and wireless LTE, without compromising network or application performance. Our clients will achieve dramatic costs savings and will realize greater business agility. They can confidently embrace the Internet to accelerate cloud initiatives - all while proactively securing business operations and dramatically simplifying IT operations.